My project reflects on “The Real Cost” of capitalism and the consumerist tendencies that it has
fostered. Focusing on three major industries that are known to be exceedingly problematic in
waste, pollution, and labor practices, my project breaks down a glorified version of each industry
and crossfades it into their underlying implications.
Demo and Patch-based code in Max exhibited below.
Mapping Sleep Data with P5.js (2021)
Follow this link to interact with the project:
Zombies vs. Butterflies (2021)
With masking culture diminishing, I decided to create a simple way of articulating that
anti-masking is still wrong and masking is good with stereotypical visuals representing
that fact. When there is no subject pictured, no visuals appear on the screen because it
is a neutral setting– there is no risk of catching COVID with nobody around. However,
when the person without the mask comes onto the screen, a visual of zombies, blood,
and gore appears to indicate the worst-case scenario people would refer to when the
pandemic first started to arise– an apocalyptic zombified world, where nearly everyone
is infected. When the maskless person puts on a mask, the screen fills with rainbows
and butterflies, referring to the phrase "rainbows and butterflies" to indicate that
everything is perfect when people continue to mask in light of the pandemic.
Demo Below
Patch-based code in Max for the project below.
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