My Interdisciplinary Computing and Arts senior project is an interactive audio-visual experience that simulates the sensation of sensory overload, specifically audio sensitivity. Inspired by my personal experiences in relation to ADHD, I created this project to help others understand how normal experiences can feel especially overwhelming and difficult for some, like those under the scope of neurodivergence. A commonly represented trope for people with Autism is their use of noise-cancelling headphones or sensory aids due to their sensitivity to senses. The same types of support systems are helpful to others who experience similar modes of sensory sensitivity.
Iteration 3: Refined UI with neutral colors, a landing page, and icon-based buttons that turn green when active and grey when completed. Added 8mm photographs of each scene for a more overwhelming effect. As objects are activated, bounding boxes are drawn around the object titles on the right-hand side of the screen. Objects are randomly activated and de-activated as the user navigates each scene to increase the discomfort/frustration of the experience.
Iteration 2: Added the three scenes (Library, Grocery Store, and Concert) with sample images and multiple objects per scene. When activated, bounding boxes are drawn around the object, and a corresponding noise plays. All defined objects are displayed on the right side so the user knows what to look for. Scenes can be navigated through the pink buttons that turn green when activated at the top of the screen. 
Established first scene iteration with 3 identifiable object types (cart, register, and shopper) to be activated with a noise source.
Iteration 1: Utilizing the hover function to create bounding boxes around defined objects.
Original Mockup
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